Angie Hayes

Join Angie with Kurt for Hope In The Morning every weekday from 6am to 9am. They will provide you with uplifting, energizing songs that make your day; sharing Hope with Alamance County.

Angie's Story

Angie is still pinching herself to make sure that this amazing opportunity as Hope’s Morning Show co-host is not merely a dream. How amazing is God to merge her love for Jesus, His Word, worship music, and people and make space for her alongside Kurt! Alamance County has always been home to Angie. She has served in the past as a grant implementer in our local schools as well as a fulfilling nine years with middle school students at The Lamb’s Chapel. Angie shares that her greatest accomplishment has been to care for family and home - to be a part of experiencing seeds grow into mighty oaks.


Angie has been married to Hal for 28 years. They affectionately refer to each other as PIC’s, or Partners in Christ. If you ask Angie, she will confidently tell you that Hal is the better part of this relationship. He lives to love and all who know him would shake their head in agreement.


Hal and Angie have three children – Natalie, Jonathan, and David. Hal and Angie’s family grew exponentially in 2021 with the marriages of Natalie and Jonathan. Family pictures now include the newest members: Jacob, Madelyn, and Kaelynn. David is headed to UNCW in the fall and with that, the nest will be empty – or will it?


Those who know Angie best appreciate her willingness to live transparently and vulnerably with others. Angie tried being cool but it never worked out, so she finds it most authentic to be willing to laugh at herself. Maybe…just maybe, we can find common ground where our imperfections and our need for Jesus collide.


Angie would like to say, “Thank you to Chuck, Kurt, and Alamance County for the grace, love, and support you have extended to this average girl whose only noteworthy accolade is Christ within me, the hope of glory.”


Need some motivation, topics for Hope In The Morning or just want to say hey? Angie would be glad to hear from you!

Hope Office #: 336.395.8122